An accent wall can highlight an important area and call attention to a focal point in your space. For those of you who are looking for an affordable yet effective way to draw eyes within your property, painting an accent wall may be the right solution. We suggest only one wall, as this allows you to choose a brighter, more exciting color.

At BM Contractor, we proudly offer a wide variety of colors for our clients to choose from. If you aren’t sure which color would work best, download our app! You can scan a picture of the wall you want to paint and upload it to our app to see exactly what the new accent wall will look like in your setting. Once you see something you love, save it and send the information our way via our Free Estimator.

At BM Contractor, we make it easy to upgrade your space. From red hues to blue tones, green pigments and more, we offer a wide range of bright colors that will alter the way you see your space. Get in touch now to get started.